Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Word of Protest

There are some things you just don't do. You don't pass gas on an elevator. You don't take advantage of a captive audience on the subway and air your grievances with society for all to hear. And, my friends, you do not schedule the Super Bowl and all-important primaries within two days of each other.

Now, I hold the politicians responsible for this. The NFL is a sacred institution and everyone knows that February is when the Super Bowl goes down. Everyone also knows that Super Bowl Sunday is a day that brings America together for tacky commercials, unhealthy food, and beer. Two of those things I just can't get enough of.

Politicians' first commitment is to America, and America had plans on February 3 that they should have considered before making February 5 the day that every person with a notebook and pen would have to burn the midnight oil. As a citizen first and a journalist second, I was appalled at the irresponsibility of our leaders. Didn't they consider how much they were asking of the average American? Super Bowl Sunday is a very taxing day that requires at least one day of preparation and one day, at the absolute minimum, of recovery.

I went to the Giants parade on Tuesday. Let me tell you, many, maybe hundreds, maybe thousands, of the Big Blue fans in attendance were in no condition to vote. It seemed that celebrating the biggest upset in football history took priority over exercising their solemn duty as citizens of the US and A. Many of them would have excelled in a hollering contest, but voting? That's asking too much.

On Super Bowl Sunday 93,150,000 people tuned in. On Super Tuesday 22,992,844 people went to the polls. I'll bet you money if many potential voters hadn't been lethargic due to the weight of having tackled a pound of seven layer dip, 25 hot wings, and a six pack of Bud those turnout numbers would have been a bit higher. Politicians, take note.

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